General Details

BM Baging Machine

Bagging scales are automatic bagging machines used in bagging of bulk material at a weight of 10-50 kg.
It starts to work with the operator attaching the bag to the filling nozzle, precisely fills the set amount into the bag in two stages and leaves it on the sewing tape when the filling is finished.
The mouth of the bag is sewed on the self-moving sewing tape and taken from the filling area.
Silage bagging scales can also vacuum the air inside the bag and prevent the product from spoiling.


-Agriculture: Seeds, cereals, cattle feed, pet foods, premixes…
-Food: Flour, semolina, legumes, sugar…
-Petrochemical: Fertilizers, plastic granules…
-Structure and mining: Sands, pebbles, perlite…

Technical info


Touch panel, making prescriptions
3 Load cells
Automatic tare and weighing error correction process
Total weight and total number of bags monitoring
Ability to buy any number of bags
Waiting and warning if the weight is out of acceptable tolerance
Turkish and English menu warning messages
Electricity requirement 220 V. 50Hz. AC, air consumption 700lt / min
Capacity: 15 – 30 Ton / h