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Belt Scale

Belt Scale is designed for measuring flow bulk material.

Belt Scale

Belt Scale

Belt scale show the amount of material passing through the belt by measuring instantaneous flow (ton / hour), total (ton), belt speed (meters / second).

Kobastar belt scales can weigh with 0.5% accuracy.

2 Pcs OIML R60 certified IP68 protection class Turkish load cells are used on the scale.

Load cell junction box IP65 protection class Stainless steel material resistant to outdoor conditions.

The corner adjustments of the scale are made by the set resistors on the electronic board inside the junction box.

Digital tachometer (encoder) is a heavy duty type that is resistant to outdoor conditions, It can also count the belt speed with the wheel in the direction of rotation of the belt.

Weighing control indicators in IP65 protection class with corrosion resistant, water and dust proof impact resistant body suitable for wall mounting are used in belt scales.

The LCD display shows the material passing through the belt in tons per hour and also the total of material passing through the belt.

Weight records with shift / day / month / year option can be queried and printed.

Operating temperature range –25 , +60 0C

Display of flow and tonnages, keeping statistics on shift, day, month and year basis, graphical display of flow values can be monitored with special software installed on PC.

Digital Adjustment and Calibration functions

Auto Zero Tracking, Speed Calibration and Band Length Calibration functions

Optional Analog Output [4 ~ 20mA]

Communication ports for external display, printer connection and wireless module insertion

Belt Scales OIML R50 Standard

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