Loadcell to indicator Wireless 100 meters

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General Details

AWT Wireless Receiver & Transmitter

AWT Wireless Load Cell Transmitter consists of two modules of wireless receiver and transmitter.
It converts the wired connection between any brand indicator and load cell to wireless.
Depending on the environmental conditions in the open area, it can communicate up to a distance of about 100 meters.
The transmitter module is connected to the load cell, while the receiver module is connected to the load cell input of the indicator.
It does not use RS232 outputs of the indicator in data exchange.


-Crane scales

-Vehicle scales

-Platform scales

-Industrial force applications

Technical info
Accuracy Class1/30000 1/30000
ADC Δ-Σ Delta-Sigma 24 bits
A/D Convertion Speed 10 times/second
Resolution 1μV/e
Load Cell Input -19.5mV ~ +19.5mV input range
Excitation Votlage 5V DC Max 150mA:
Load Cell Count Max 4 x 350Ω
Connection Type 4 or 6 wires cable
Communication Wireless interface, 430MHZ~470MHZ
Wireless Range 100 Meters (Open Area)
Housing Aluminium 135x75x40mm
Power Supply Rechargeable Batterty 7.4V / 2500mA – 8.4V / 1A Charge Adapter
Operation Temperature -10C ~ 45C , 95%RH