Loadcell to indicator Wireless 100 meters

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General Details

ATP Wireless Receiver & Transmitter

ATP Wireless computer module communicates weight information to the computer by communicating with ATW-A wireless module and handheld terminals.
Depending on the environmental conditions in the open area, it can communicate up to a distance of about 100 meters.
The transmitter module connects to load cell, while the receiver module connects to the computer’s USB port.
It comes with a computer program.


-Crane scales

-Platform scales

-Industrial force test applications


Technical info
ADC Σ-Δ 24bit
Load Cell Input –19.8mV~19.8mV
Load Cell Excitation Voltage DC 5V
Load Cell Count 1~4
Load Cell Connection Type 4 or 6 wires cable
Operation Temperature -10 °C ~40 °C
Available current operating temperature -40 ° C ~ 70 ° C
Communication 430MHz to 470MHz
Wireless Range 100 meters (in wide place)
Power Supply DC6~12V
Sizes 70*42*18mm (without Antenna)