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3101 Control Weighing indicator

3101 Control Weighing indicator,controller used as AC power supply, for weighing display controller in the field of industrial control, which combines weight display, analog signal output, RS232/485 interface, relay output as a whole.

With high speed and high precision of 24-bit ∑A/D converter, analog signal output using 16-bit D/A converter, all interfaces through photoelectric isolation processing, Full consideration of the complexity of the industrial field.

Use elaborate hardware and software design, make sure of strong safety of production and management, suitable for building materials, chemicals, food, steel and other indusrties.

Embedded EMC interference circuitstrong ability of anti-electromagnetic interference,  suitanble for the application of industrial field.

3101 Control Weighing indicator Stainless steel corrosion-proof panel, all-metal flameproof enclosure


High precision, high resolution Σ △ A / D conversion, the maximum A / D pulses: 1,000,000.
Update rate Selectable: 6.25 times / sec, 12.5 times / sec, 25 times / sec, 50 times / sec.
Sub-degree range: 1000-50000.
Division value range: 0.001-50KG
Selectable RS232 and RS485 two types, support Modbus-RTU communication, Profibus Dp fieldbus(optional)
Can set the analog output type: 0 ~ 20mA, 4 ~ 20mA, 0 ~ 5V or 0 ~ 10V
Two-way light insulation relay output, the output mode can be set: weight sorting mode or setting mode.
6bits 0.8 inches LED digital display, 6 LED indicator lights.


Industrial weighing
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