Connect 16 Separate Loadcell, Wireless 100 Meters

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General Details

280 Wireless Weighing Indicator

280 Wireless indicator is a wireless industrial weighing indicator that can communicate up to 100 meters in open area, especially
designed for cranes and dynamometers. It has peak hold feature.
280, which can be connected to 16 different load cells, can display all incoming weight information separately and in total on the graphic display.
It works with 7.4V 2500mA rechargeable lithium battery for a long time.
8 load cells (350 Ohm) can be connected to the ATW Wireless transmitter module that it works with.
Easy to read day and night with 192 x 64 dot matrix backlit LCD screen.
It can record weighing results in 99 categories. It has selectable units of kg, t, lb, kN.
It provides power protection by turning off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity.


-Crane Scales


-Portable Axle Scales

-Tensile and Rupture Tests

Technical info
Accuracy Class 1/30000
Display 192×64 Dot matrix LCD
Status Displays 6 Status LEDs
Keypad 14 Functions Membran Buttons
ADC Δ-Σ Delta-Sigma 24 bits
A/D Convertion Speed 10 times/second
Resolution 1μV/e
Load Cell Input -19.5mV ~ +19.5mV input range
Excitation Voltage 5V DC Max 150mA:
Load Cell Count Max 8 x 350Ω
Connection Type 4 or 6 wires cable
Calibration With Reference dead load
Filter 3 Steps digital
Communication Wireless interface,430MHZ~470MHZ
Wireless Range 100 Meters (Open Area)
Housing Handle Type Plastic Case 230*120*100mm
Power Supply Rechargeable Battery 7.4V / 2500mA – 8.4V / 1A Charge Adapter
Operation Temperature -10C ~ 45C , 95%RH