What is Crane Scale?

Crane scale with 360 degrees movement capability should be used to measure the weight of moving objects.
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A device known as a crane scale is used to measure loads that cannot be lifted by human load. Crane scales used in many different areas from industry to animal husbandry are preferred because they give accurate results in a short time. You can safely choose crane scales produced by Kobastar to facilitate your production processes by making accurate weight measurements.

What are the Main Features of Crane Scale?

Crane scales with different weight parameters have the ability to measure unstable weights. In this respect, they have different features compared to standard scale and loadcell types. Crane scales can measure the weight of loads by rotating 360 degrees. On the other hand, since they are used in different environments, they are produced to be resistant to adverse weather conditions, impacts and crashes.

There are extensions known as hoists at the end of crane scale systems that measure with the principle of weight lifting. Hoists, also known as differential hoists, have a pulley system in which weights that are used to measure while lifting the load on the one hand. Weight measuring systems operating with screws and gears can carry weights of different tonnages. Scales that can measure weight up to 50 tons work with this working principle.

Crane Scale

Where is Crane Scale Used?

Crane scale, which has a wide usage area, is preferred in many different areas because it is a light, charged and easy-to-use product. Cattle breeding, slaughterhouse, heavy industry, construction, sea and road transport are among the main usage areas of crane scales. Models in the lower segments can be used to measure the weight and quantity of products in retail and wholesale locations.

What Are The Types Of Crane Scales?

Crane weighing systems, which are preferred in many different areas, are basically divided into analog and digital models. Digital systems are more preferred because they have less error margin and give fast results. On the other hand, there are different types according to their usage areas and weight measurements in these areas. Although there are varieties that can lift loads up to 60 tons, this diversity is determined by their usage areas and weight limits.

You can choose 60 ton crane scale systems used by Kobastar to measure weights that cannot be lifted with human load in a short time and with effective results.

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