Weighing Pallet Truck

The weighing pallet truck performs weighing processes simultaneously with the transport. Kobastar weighbridge pallet truck gives accurate results up to 2000 kg.
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In order for the transportation activities to continue correctly, weight measurement operations should be done simultaneously. Therefore, it will be useful to use electronic scales known as weighing pallet trucks during logistics activities. Weighted pallet trucks, which can be easily used in unloading, loading and stacking operations, allow weight measurements to be carried out quickly without slowing down the transportation process. You can perform these operations quickly with the types of pallet trucks with scales produced by Kobastar.


What is Weighing Pallet Truck?

Vehicles consisting of two fork platforms used for carrying loads in short distances and entering the spaces on the pallets are called pallet trucks. These vehicles allow loads loaded on pallets to be transported quickly. When scales for measuring weight are integrated on the pallet trucks, these tools are called weighted pallet trucks. Weighted pallet trucks are in a structure that allows the load on the pallet to be measured while the transport process continues.

Weighing Pallet Truck

Weighing Pallet Truck


What Are The Features Of Weighing Pallet Trucks?

The weighing pallet truck, which measures weight during transportation, is designed to suit all pallet models. Weighing pallet trucks with a load capacity of 2000 kg can weigh without any margin of error during loading, unloading and stacking. On the other hand, like many electronic weighing systems produced by Kobastar, there is data storage feature in the types of pallet trucks with scales.

Pallet trucks work integrated with the indicator. The measurements made during transportation are transmitted to the indicators and shown here in kg. It is also possible to save, compare and convert the measurements made into different units. In addition, the indicators have printer and computer outputs. In other words, it is possible to report weight measurements while carrying.


How to Use Weighbridge Pallet Truck?

Weighing pallet truck designed for horizontal transportation has a design that can handle loads of different heights and weights. However, it is definitely not suitable for live transport. The only thing that needs to be done to transport with pallet trucks, which are very easy to use, is to place the fork platform in the space of the pallet. Once this is done, the load can be easily transported.


Why Kobastar?

Weighing pallet truck products produced by Kobastar are manufactured from first class steel. Thanks to its waterproof load cells, it can be used in different climates and field conditions.

Kobastar pallet trucks are CE certified. It also has ISO 9001 and other quality certificates. There is an operation time of up to 35 hours.

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