Weighing Indicator and Loadcell

Types of Kobastar Weight Indicators in order to obtain accurate results in weight measurements made with Loadcell. Scale Indicator
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Indicators are used in all electronic measurement systems. These indicators show the measurements taken from electronic circuits by converting them into kg values. The weight indicator types produced by Kobastar are easy to use and of high quality. You can accelerate weight measurements in logistics, transportation and sales processes with weight indicators equipped with advanced communication protocol.

 What is Weight Indicator?


Indicator is a concept used in many different sciences. It can be translated into Turkish as an gösterge. Devices and systems used to show the scale measurements are also called weight indicators. Weighing indicators must be present in all environments where weight is measured. In other words, systems that show the weight of objects on the platform in load cells by interpreting in kg and other units are called this way.

 How to Use the Balance Indicator?

weighing indicator

weighing indicator

Load cells and other scale systems basically consist of two different terminals. These terminals are platform and indicator. The electrical circuits on the platform calculate the weights of the objects on the ground in accordance with the wheatstone bridge scheme and send the obtained data to the indicator. The data sent is displayed by the weighing indicator by converting it into kg and other weight values.

The signal exchange between the platform and the indicator takes place via wireless internet, infrared or radio waves. When the signals are transmitted to the indicator, they are converted and displayed quickly. On the other hand, indicators also have reporting and data logging features. The range of weight indicators produced by Kobastar can save data, compare with previous weight measurements, and provide the data needed to convert the measurements into reports..


What Should Be Considered While Buying Weight Indicator?


It is extremely important to make sure that the indicator is making correct measurements. As a matter of fact, even a small deviation in weight measurements can lead to situations that are difficult to compensate. Therefore, before using the scale indicator, the calibration process must be done. After calibration, if it is understood that the indicator gives correct results, it can be used safely by integrating with the platform.


weighing controller

weighing controller

Why Kobastar?


Kobastar produces indicators with high signal strength and communication speed, which can be easily used in any environment. You can speed up your logistics, transportation, storage, production and sales processes with a variety of weight indicators that can display weighing measurements in different measurement units.

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