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How should the load cell be used? What are the load cell usage areas? For information, you can check the KOBASTAR blog section.
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In order to perform the weighing process quickly in industrial environments, precise measuring devices called load cells must be used. With load cells that can calculate the weight of objects and masses in seconds, it is possible to complete weight measurements in a short time and get detailed results. You can easily measure the weight of your inventory with the load cells produced by Kobastar. It will be useful to know the usage of loadcell in detail in order to get effective results.

How Does a Load Cell Work?

The loadcell working principle is similar to the weight measurement systems known as spring scales. Its main function is to show the force on it as measurement values by converting it into an electrical signal. Mechanically perceived force changes the shape of the strain gauge, affecting the electrical resistance. Although there are different types of load cells, their working principles are generally the same. 4 strain gauges are used in the scales. Gauges built in accordance with the layout known as the Wheatstone bridge generate a stress value proportional to the load. The weight of the pressure is measured in a short time and additional ends are activated to prevent any breaks in the measurement. The tension value is converted into a weight measurement and this measurement is displayed on the screen.

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How to Use Loadcell?

Before using the Load Cell, it is necessary to choose a suitable product for the average weight to be measured. Each product has an upper limit that can be measured. In order to get effective and accurate results, a suitable selection should be made according to the sector and the products to be measured. This choice is also important for using the loadcell device safely. For example, load cells made of stainless materials should be used in the measurements to be made in the food and medical field.

The usage procedures of the load cells vary according to the areas in which they are used. Loadcell integration is required for safety in elevators used in industrial areas and residences. The devices used here create a warning for not exceeding the weight limit in the elevator by measuring the cable strength. Likewise, load cells used in the entertainment industry provide a warning for not exceeding the prescribed levels. Products used in fields such as agriculture, farming and aviation measure the weight of the objects on them. In these devices, the objects must be placed in the designated place on the load cell for measuring their weight.

You can choose the sensitive and high quality load cells produced by Kobastar in order to take the necessary precautions by taking the weight measurements in a short time.

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