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SPW Load Shackle

Load Shackle with SPW Mapping is specially produced for ship and port cranes.
High strength alloy steels are used in the manufacturing of SPW Load shackle pins.
It can also be produced in 17-4PH quality stainless steel upon request for loadpin.
The load range of SPW Mappin (Load Shackle) starts from 3 tons to 1000 tons.
The SPW Mapped load pin (Load Shackle) can communicate with the wireless hand indicator up to a distance of 100 meters.
Wireless hand indicator specially designed for SPW
The measurement units commonly used in the world are kilogram (kg), Ton (t) pound (lb), Newton (N) and kilonewton (kN).
Indicator with 192 * 64 dot matrix LCD display, which shows the total and total weight informaon of 16 different loadpins Internal rechargeable baery in load shackle and hand indicator


-Offshore mooring anchor adjustment

-Can be used by aaching to crane hooks

-Aircra Manufacturing and Repair
Rope Tension Monitoring

-Weighing of heavy loads

-Structural Load Tesng and Cerficaon

-Manufacturing and

-Heavy Construcon Crane and Li Calibraon and Proof Load Test

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