FW650 Weihging Indicator

2 Analog Channel 1 Digital Weighing Channel

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FW650 Weighing control indicator is an industry 4.0 compatible professional weighing controller used in weighing management systems.

The 2-channel AD converter can be connected to 2 platforms at the same time and also supports digital load cell connections.


2 Analog Channel 1 Digital Weighing Channel
100,000 Display division, High resolution
PLC field Bus I / F: PROFINET, PROFIBUS – DP, Ethernet / IP, CC – LINK, MODBUS – TCP
USB x 4 (Barcode scanner, USB Disc, Keyboard + Mouse)
RS232 X 1, RS232 / 485 X 1, RS485 X 2
Analog Platform A/D 1000 / Sec.
LAN x 2
32 Gb. SD Memory
WIFI Module
4G Module
SATA Hard Disc
3 Color Alarm Light
Pedal Control
Exteernal I / O Module