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FLS Forklifts Scale

The FLS Forklift weighing system consists of 2 weighing modules and 1 weighing indicator that can be easily mounted on your existing machine.
Installation is done within 1-2 hours without any mechanical modification on the truck.
Weigh modules are mounted between the forks and the carrier mirror.
It is suitable for all brands and models of forklifts. (Class A / B II, III, IV).
Produced in 2, 4 and 6 tons capacities as standard, FLS can be produced up to 16 tons capacity.
It displays the load lifted with the forklift instantly on the screen with 0.2% accuracy.
It can be viewed wirelessly from computers, tablets or mobile phones and can be printed out. (Option)
Load cells used in scales are used for weighing.
It is 10 times more sensitive and safe than applications made with hydraulic pressure sensor.


-All kinds of forklift weighing applications
-Chemistry, Metal, Paint, Coating, Casting, Logistics etc.

Technical info


LCD and LED indicator options
Suitable for industrial weighing applications
High precision 24 bit Delta-Sigma Analog / Digital converter
Automatic power saving and automatic shutdown
Zero tracking on opening, manual reset
Working from the Foklift battery
Kg / Lb unit replacement and part counting
Tare by hand
Automatic and manual tare
Checkweighing HI-OK-LO Buzzer
RS 232 and wireless communication
Printer and PC connection
Extensive service network 2-year warranty
Production opportunity in desired dimensions and capacities
Capacity & Size
FLS-41 CLASS II 407 mm 2 Ton x 1Kg
FLS-51 CLASS III 508 mm 4 Ton x 2 Kg
FLS-63 CLASS IV 635 mm 6 Ton x 5Kg
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