DMA Dynamometer


1 ~ 500 ton

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DMA Dynamometer works in the direction of pull, up to 500 tons capacity special alloy aluminum used in aviation industry It is produced from materials.

The material surface is coated with anodized, making it more resistant to harsh environmental conditions.

Wired, Wireless and Wireless models with internal display in capacities over 12 tons.

The wireless model can be controlled and controlled from the hand indicator.

Rugged Construction has features such as 0.1% accuracy, alkaline battery or rechargeable battery.

The measurement units commonly used in the world are kilogram (kg), Ton (t) pound (lb), Newton (N) and kilonewton (kN).

Capacities from 1 ton to 500 tons.


DMA-33.25 Ton1.5 Kg22816075202444
DMA-55 Ton2.0 Kg25017684263244
DMA-1212.5 Ton3.5 g3001921084050E
DMA-2525 Ton8.5 Kg3502061445265E
DMA-3535 Ton11.5 Kg3862321685875E
DMA-5050 Ton19.0 Kg4502482027190E
DMA-7575 Ton32.0 Kg48023624484110E
DMA-120120Ton52.0 Kg55029027097141E
DMA-150150 Ton72.0 Kg620320290110161E
DMA-200200 Ton105.0 Kg730370340133170E
DMA-250250 Ton145.0 Kg790390390143189E
DMA-300300 Ton175.0 Kg860410430153189E
DMA-400400 Ton270.0 Kg1000480520178205E
DMA-500500 Ton360.0 Kg1100500560188230E