10.1 ” Color touch HMI panel

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Checkweigher is used in a wide variety of applications in the food and other industries to verify product weight.

Kobastar offers a wide range of control scales, each of which can be configured to suit your own needs.

The CW series, which can operate with high speed and maximum accuracy, speeds up your production line with control scales.

In addition to presenting the packaged foods to the consumer completely, it protects the consumer and your brand by controlling foreign matter with metal detectors that can be integrated into the system.


  • Packaged foods
  • Medicines etc
10.1 ” Color touch HMI panel
Package name, configuration, target weight, upper tolerance
100 formulas including weight and low tolerance weight
Total package, Correct package, Over package, Missing package, Average
Three levels of user management: Administrator / Manager / Operator
Max. Support up to 20 users
Direct reporting to USB or computers
Dynamic weighing with powerful vibration filtering
Stainless and PU materials suitable for food production
Hygienic chassis / body design
Extensive service network, 2 years warranty

In the realm of industrial production, accuracy and efficiency are paramount. Ensuring that products meet specified weight requirements is not only crucial for regulatory compliance but also for maintaining product quality and customer satisfaction. This is where checkweighers play a vital role. Checkweigher machine are sophisticated instruments designed to accurately measure the weight of products during manufacturing processes.

What is a Checkweigher?

A checkweigher is an automated machine used to verify the weight of products during various stages of production. It operates by weighing individual items as they move along a conveyor belt or production line. These devices are equipped with precision sensors and advanced algorithms to ensure accurate weight measurement within specified tolerances.

How Does Work

This machine employ several components and mechanisms to achieve precise weight measurements:

  1. Conveyor Belt: Products travel along a conveyor belt, passing through the checkweigher one by one.

  2. Load Cells: Load cell convert the force exerted by the product's weight into an electrical signal, which is then processed to determine the weight.

  3. Digital Signal Processing (DSP): The electrical signal from the load cells is processed by DSP algorithms to filter out noise and accurately calculate the weight of the product.

  4. Reject System: If a product's weight deviates from the preset parameters, the checkweigher triggers a reject mechanism to remove the non-compliant item from the production line.

  5. Control Interface: Operators can set weight thresholds and other parameters through a user-friendly interface, allowing for easy customization and adjustment.

Benefits of Checkweighers

The integration of checkweighers into industrial processes offers several notable benefits:

  1. Quality Control: Ensure that products meet weight specifications, reducing the risk of underweight or overweight items reaching consumers.

  2. Regulatory Compliance: Many industries are subject to strict regulations regarding product weights. Checkweighers help manufacturers adhere to these standards, avoiding fines and penalties.

  3. Efficiency: By automating weight verification, checkweigher streamline production processes, reducing manual labor and minimizing the risk of human error.

  4. Data Collection: This machine often come equipped with data logging capabilities, allowing manufacturers to track weight variations over time and identify trends or potential issues.

  5. Cost Savings: By preventing the distribution of underweight products and minimizing waste, checkweighers contribute to cost savings and improved profitability.

Applications of Checkweigher Machine

Checkweigher machine find applications across a wide range of industries, including:

  1. Food and Beverage: Ensure portion consistency in packaged foods, verify fill levels in bottles and containers, and detect contaminants in products.

  2. Pharmaceuticals: In pharmaceutical manufacturing, checkweigher verify the precise dosing of medications and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

  3. Cosmetics and Personal Care: Machines help maintain consistency in product weights for cosmetics and personal care items, enhancing brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

  4. Logistics and Shipping: This scale are used in logistics centers and shipping facilities to accurately measure package weights and calculate shipping costs.

Checkweighers play a crucial role in modern manufacturing by ensuring product quality, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency. With their advanced technology and versatile applications, Kobastar checkweigher are indispensable tools for industries striving to maintain high standards of precision and reliability in their production processes.