BBF Big Bag Scale

Capacity: 15 – 30 Ton / h

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Big Bag Filling machines are machines that provide automatic filling of powder or granular materials into big bags.

It makes an average of 15 to 30 big bags per hour depending on the product features, usage patterns and operators’ operation.

Feeding methods such as free fall, belt conveyor, screw conveyor are preferred according to the fluidity of the product to be filled.

A vibratory feeding mechanism can be made to ensure the continuous and consistent flow of the product.

The operator attaches the bag to the filling nozzle, hangs the bag handles on the hooks and starts the machine.
When the bag filled with fast feeding approaches the set value, it automatically switches to slow precision feeding mode.

When the set value is reached, filling feeding stops and the hooks are automatically released.

After the filling process is completed, the bag is carried by roller conveyor or forklift and directed to the next process.

A vibratory platform can also be used to fully fit the material inside the filled bag.


Touch panel, making prescriptions
Automatic tare and weighing error correction process
Total weight and total number of bags monitoring
Ability to buy any number of bags
Waiting and warning if the weight is out of acceptable tolerance
Turkish and English menu warning messages
Capacity: 15 – 30 Ton / h