BBF Big Bag Filling Station


Capacity: 15 – 30 Ton / h

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What is Big Bag Filling Station?

Big Bag Filling Machine is an industrial equipment that automatically fills materials in powder or granule form into big bags. These machines save labor and time by accelerating the filling of large quantities of materials in production facilities. Here are the main features of Big Bag Filling Machine:

1. Filling Capacity

Big Bag Filling Station (Machines) can fill an average of 15 - 30 big bags per hour, depending on the characteristics of the material to be filled and operational requirements. This offers great advantages in large production facilities.

2. Feeding Methods

Depending on the fluidity of the material to be filled, various feeding methods are used, such as free fall, belt conveyor or screw conveyor. This ensures that the material is evenly distributed into the bags.

3. Automatic Control

The operator attaches the bag to the filling mouth, hangs the bag handles on the hooks and starts the machine. Big Bag Filling Machine first starts filling with rapid feeding and automatically switches to precision feeding mode when it approaches the specified filling level. When the specified level is reached, the filling process automatically stops and the hooks are released.

4. Ease of Transport

Big bags, whose filling process is completed, are transported to the next process using roller conveyors or forklifts. This ensures continuity of the production line.

5. Vibrating Platform

After the filling process, a vibrating platform can be used to ensure that the material inside the bag is fully settled into the bag. This increases product uniformity and prevents material displacement during transportation.

How Does Big Bag Filling Machine Work?

Big Bag Filling Machine (station) have a working process that includes the following basic steps:

  1. Operator Preparation: The operator attaches the filling bag to the filling mouth of the machine and hangs the bag handles on the hooks.
  2. Filling Start: The operator starts the machine to start the filling process.
  3. Fast Filling: In the first stage, the machine starts filling with a fast feed.
  4. Precision Filling: When a certain level is approached, the machine automatically switches to precision filling mode and carefully places the material into the bag.
  5. Completion of the Filling Process: When the specified filling level is reached, the filling process automatically stops and the bag hooks are released.
  6. Transport and Packaging: Large bags, the filling process of which is completed, are transported using roller conveyors or forklifts and directed to the next processing stage.
Touch panel, making prescriptions
Automatic tare and weighing error correction process
Total weight and total number of bags monitoring
Ability to buy any number of bags
Waiting and warning if the weight is out of acceptable tolerance
Turkish and English menu warning messages
Capacity: 15 – 30 Ton / h

Usage Areas

Big Bag Filling Machines are widely used in various industries. Here are some example usage areas:


Seeds, Cereals, Cattle feed, Pet foods, Premixes


Flour, Semolina, Pulses, Sugar


Fertilizers, Plastic granules

Construction and Mining

Sands, Pebbles, Perlite

Summary Information:

Big Bag Filling Machines are innovative equipment that performs automatic filling of large bags. These machines speed up production processes, reduce operator workload and increase the filling accuracy of products. This gives businesses a competitive advantage and helps them bring their products to market more effectively.