Load Shackle

Load shackle which is a sub-category of load cell makes weighing processes easier and faster in ports and ships and save your time. Kobastar load shackles have capacity up to 1000 tones
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There are several stages of weighing. Weighing and transportation are performed simultaneously most of the time. Particularly in shipyards and maritime transportation, weighing may be necessary during the transportation of objects. In such cases, it is a necessity to use load clamps which are called as load shackle. Load clamps not only provide correct weighing but also they make transportation processes easier.

What is Load Shackle?

Mechanical installations carrying heavy loads require some parts to operate smoothly. Especially şn the Crane parts, strong supports become prominent. Load shackle which is also known as load clamp is used in stabilising solutions of such mechanical installations Load shackles can weigh and carry loads up to a certain capacity. Since high strength alloy is produced by steel, it can carry from 3 to 1000 tons of loads.

Load Shackle

Load Shackle

How to Use Ringbolted Load Pin?

Load shackle using weighing works integrated with weighing indicator. Load clamps measure the weight lifted by the crane, send the values to the indicator and allows the weight of the objects to be determined.

Working Principle of Shackle Loadcell

Shackle loadcell is under the category of loadcell. Shackle loadcell increases endurance and the weight lifting capacity of the crane at the same time. On the other hand shackle loadcell can weigh. It detects the tension of rope and sends values which it calculated to the indicator. These values are shown on the indicator screen as kg. There are also wireless communication modules in the load clamps produced by Kobastar. It makes the weighing process faster.

Where to Use Ringbolted Load Pin?

Crane scale which is also known as having high weighing capacity can be used in transportation, logistics and production processes. It has communication feature up to 100 meters. Thanks to this, it is suitable for use in ports, factories and ares such as aircraft manufacturing. In addition, since it is made of stainless steel, it can be used safely in different temperature and climate conditions.


Kobastar produces high quality and durable load shackles that can be used in all areas. Load clamps, like other systems manufactured by the company, are made of stainless steel. On the other hand, the weighing indicators integrated with load clamp can convert the obtained measurements to different weight values and display them as ton, kg, pound and Newton units. Therefore, loadcells which produced by Kobastar can be used safely antwhere in the World.


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