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Types of electronic scales. As a digital scale, there are many weighing applications such as trucks, vehicles, cranes, live animals. load cell
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Kobastar Weighing Systems, one of the companies providing electronic scale services in the industrial weighing sector, is taking firm steps forward to become the leading company of the sector with standard products and special production products.

Kobastar Weighing Systems is an electronic scale company that produces various products and sets out with the aim of producing the best for each product it produces. Its products include load cells, weighing indicators, truck scales, axle scales, industrial scales, dynamometers, mobile weighing systems, crane scales, automatic weighing machines and weighing accessories. The fact that people who are considering purchasing these products do not have enough knowledge of the basic technical differences between the products causes some question marks. In our article, we will talk about the usage purposes of some products and the technical advantages they provide to the sector in which they will be used in detail.


yük hücresi

yük hücresi

You can find load cell models of all types and weights from 1 kg to 500 tons in kobastar weighing systems that produce electronic scales. The load cell is a converter that has the principle of converting a force into an electrical signal. It performs this conversion process indirectly in two stages. The force perceived by a mechanical arrangement primarily changes the shape of the strain gauge. It measures this shape change in the strain gauge as an electrical signal.

Kobastar Weighing Systems provide the production of many different types of load cells. Some of them are: platform type load cells, thrust type load cells, pin type load cells, bar type load cells, S type load cells, bellows type load cells, overload control cells, feed machinery load cells and multiaxial load cells.



2- Weighing Indicators

elektronik kantar

Electronic Scale

Weighing indicators are devices that enable the analog signals coming from the load cell to be converted into digital and displayed on the screen. Kobastar weighing indicators have an advanced system with dozens of types for weighing processes from simple weighing to complex recipe formulation.

Kobastar weighing indicators aim to add value to your business with weighing indicators and terminals, control agricultural indicators and wireless indicators.



3- Truck Scales

dijital tartım

digital weighing

While Kobastar Weighing Systems produces electronic scales, it also provides the production of truck scales with different capacities from 10 tons to 150 tons. Truck scales, which can weigh robustly and precisely, work smoothly for years in mining, construction, agriculture, animal husbandry, food and many other sectors. Kobastar truck scales have a 5-year mechanical and 2-year electronic warranty.

TS5 truck scales have a carrying capacity of 60-80 tons.
TS2 truck scales have a carrying capacity of 40-100 tons.
TS3 truck scales have a carrying capacity of 40-100 tons.
TS1 truck scales have a carrying capacity of 10-100 tons.


4- Portable Axle Scales

aks kantarı

aks kantarı

Axle scales are devices produced from light alloy high-strength aluminum material to measure the axle weights of trucks and trucks. They are products used in road transport, construction industry, agriculture, forestry and mining.





5- Industrial Scales

endüstriyel tartım

industrial weighing

Kobastar Weighing Systems, which produces electronic scales, has produced various industrial scales in order to operate in harsh industrial conditions. These scales are manufactured to have the durability to be operated in the temperature range of -10 degrees to +40 degrees. Kobastar weighing systems offers single load cell scales, 4 load cells heavy type scales and livestock scales.







Dynamometers are load cells-like devices used in tensile strength and strain measurements. Kobastar weighing systems produce the DMA dynamometer that can carry between 1 and 500 tons, the FM dynamometer that can measure between 1 and 100 tons, and the SPW Mapali load pin devices that can measure between 3 and 1000 tons.

Kobastar Weighing Company was established in 2000 and has worked to provide the best and most reliable service in electronic scale production since its establishment.

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