Axle Scales, Axle Scales, KOBASTAR Load Cell & Indicator

Axle Scales

Axle Scales

Axle Scales are manufactured from aluminum material used in light alloy high strength aviation industry to weigh axle weights of trucks.

Lightweight construction easy to carry.

Wireless smart indicator accumulate all axles weight and show total weight.

Axle scale produced in different capacities and sizes can weigh the weights from 2 tones to 20 tons per axle.


Road transport, construction, agriculture, forestry, mining, waste disposal and so on.

Weighing and load control of trucks and transport vehicles in the fields.

Wheel and axle load distribution design for vehicle design and production.

Portable axle scale.

Truck load control


During the loading of the vehicles, preliminary weighing is done to prevent the road from being overloaded, thus extending the life span of the vehicles and meeting the rules determined in the law and avoiding possible criminal sanctions.