Automatic Weighing Instruments

Automatic Weighing Instruments


Automatic Weighing Instruments

Kobastar Electronic Weighing Systems have a wide range of solutions in automatic weighing machines.

These include control weighing scales, conveyor belt scales, packing machines, liquid filling systems, feed bagging machines, silage bagging machines, weighing packages, controlled and continuous dynamic weighing systems.

The automatic weighing instruments contain complex and specific details, and our experienced sales engineers will suggest the best one for you for the right solution. Click here to contact us.

The general types of automatic weighing instruments are as follows.

Automatic Control Weighing

It is used for control of pre-packaged products, separating products that are missing or overweight.

Automatic Dosing Scale

It is a weighing instrument that weighs several products separately and transfers them to a single container or to each other on a recipe basis.

Automatic Filling Machines

Weighing instruments that allow powder, granular or liquid products to be filled into certain containers or bags.

Continuous collectors

The products are automatic weighing devices that determine the mass of the product without interruption of the movement of the conveyor belt, it is called the belt weigher.