General Details

Big Bag Scale

Big bag scale outputs up to 30 big bags/hour depending on product’ characteristics, formats to handle and
cadence of the operators Dosing system by means of gravity, belt conveyor, auger screw or
others as per product properties 4 pillars supporting frame featuring bottom weighing platform
on load cells Internal sub-chassis with filling spout and pneumatically driven hooks
Linear guided hooks to enhance ergonomics,Operator’s access platform.



Agro-feed: Seeds, cereals, cattle feed, pet-foods, premixes…
Foodstuff: Flours, semolina, pulses, sugar…
Chemical & Petrochemical: Fertilizers, plastic granules…
Building & mining: Sands, gravels, sepiolite, perlite, salt, glass, frit…
Recycling: Biomass pellets, Shredded tyres, compost

Technical info